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Air Systems

Air systems provide one half of the air/fuel mix required for diesel fuel combustion, using a turbocharger often combined with an intercooler. The volume and pressure of air can be just as critical as the fuel, as diesel engines rely on air compression to cause ignition.

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Cooling Systems

The cooling system is made up of the water pump, thermostat, fan, belt and radiator, and is vital to maintaining the correct diesel engine operating temperature. It prevents over-heating which can lead to oil breakdown, poor operation and ultimately engine failure or under-heating, causing under-performance and increased fuel consumption.

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Electrical and Electronic

The electrical system provides the power to start the engine and with the electronic system and sensors, measures and controls diesel engine performance. It includes the alternator to charge the battery and motor starters to start the engine. Sensors help measure the engine performance, controlled through the electronic control module.

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Filtration helps keep the air, fuel and oil systems clean, with regular filter replacement a key part of any diesel engine maintenance regime. Using genuine Perkins filters can prevent damage of many times the filter cost to sensitive parts such as injectors and fuel pumps.

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Fuel Systems

The common rail fuel system in a diesel engine is made up of a high-pressure fuel rail feeding a set of injectors powered by a fuel injection pump. Older engines use unit injection systems of rotary or inline pumps. Perkins fuel systems are carefully designed and tested to deliver the required power and the best fuel consumption.

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Gaskets and Seals

Gaskets and seals provide sealing against liquids and gases within the engine, protecting against the mixing of fluids and compensating for movement of parts and expansion. Gaskets and seals are found across engine from the valve cover and cooling system to the instrumentation and oil system.

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Hardware is often the essential small component within the diesel engine, such as nuts, bolts, circlips, brackets, sump drain plugs, radiator caps, dipsticks, etc. An engine is only as good as its weakest component. Any one component that’s not to the original specification can impair the overall performance of the engine.

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Majors and Cylinders

Majors and cylinder components include the cylinder head and block, together with the pistons, rings, connecting rods, flywheel and crankshaft and camshaft. Each part is produced to exacting tolerances by Perkins. The difference between genuine and non-genuine may be small, but the risks of fitting non-genuine can be significant.

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Exhausts and Aftertreatment

Exhaust and aftertreatment systems help remove and clean the exhaust gas; including the exhaust manifolds and exhaust gas aftertreatment such as diesel particulate filters (DPF), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. Carefully designed and integrated by Perkins to meet emissions standards while delivering power and performance.

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