We will be sunsetting this online shop for our end customers (B2C) on Monday March 18th. Orders placed before this date will be processed as usual but you will not be able to track the order status online. Please check here for a list of Perkins parts distributors in your area to place your order with Perkins.

Perkins engine care

The Perkins Parts and Service business is dedicated to making sure your engine runs at peak performance, reliably day-in-day-out.

Working closely in partnership with our distributors, we are committed to making sure you maximize your uptime – whatever you use your engine for, and wherever you are in the world.

Through our service, replacement and overhaul support systems we can help ensure your engine always runs smoothly and efficiently.

When you buy a Perkins engine, you know it will be rugged and reliable and last a very long time. But there are occasions when even the most meticulously built and maintained of engines needs attention. 

When it comes to maximizing the uptime of your engine, we’re all in this together.

The entire Perkins Parts and Service operation is all about getting your engine back up and running again quickly – from offering the right support and information to getting the parts you need to be dispatched as soon as possible, together with tailored engineering service and support packages.

Our worldwide distribution network means we can support you with any issues that arise through over 100 distributors and a network of over 3,500 outlets globally.

In our network we have the people who can arrange not only the urgent delivery of the parts you need but also give the critical advice and where necessary provide the repair and overhaul services to complete the work for you. 

Your issue will not be new to them. Someone else in their territory or around the world will have come across the same or a similar problem, so the advice they give will be based on a genuine experience of working with Perkins engines and the support of the central Perkins engineering teams. 

Our local distributors are trained by Perkins on every engine we manufacture. Training covers disassembly and troubleshooting to ensure we give the best support to every Perkins engines user. 

The network also gives you access to thousands of genuine parts – designed and built for the specific engine model and number that you own. We hold all the components for our engines, which each has up to 1,000 parts. Our stocks and product lines are comprehensive so we can guarantee you have access to every single genuine part.

We’re proud of our engines, and confident they are the best in the business. That’s one of the reasons we offer class-leading warranties on all our engines, including the option of Platinum Protection contracts helping to extend your protection above our excellent standard warranty.