Perkins is introducing the use of two-factor authentication (sometimes called 2FA) to give you greater peace of mind when shopping with us on www.perkins.com/shop

In this page, we will explain how two-factor authentication works and its benefits.  

The main benefit of two-factor authentication is greater security for your account. 

For online purchases two-factor authentication is implemented by the authorising banks - for example, Visa uses verified by Visa and MasterCard uses SecureCode - so the exact process depends on your bank. 

Two-factor authentication combines something you know like a password or PIN with something you get from a card reader or mobile phone and is fast being adopted to offer more security. 
How Two-Factor Authentication Works 


For Mastercard users, SecureCode is provided as a one-time-password/PIN. It is typically supplied to you via SMS. This one-time-password/PIN is generated by your bank and is required every time you shop online at a merchant that also provides two-factor authentication service.  


Verified by Visa is the two-factor authentication method used by Visa. At the time of a transaction, Verified by Visa examines data and the context of the purchase to determine if two-factor verification is required. If required, Verified by Visa may ask for a password known only to the cardholder or a code the bank sends you via SMS. You choose which method to use when first setting up Verified by Visa.