We will be sunsetting this online shop for our end customers (B2C) on Monday March 18th. Orders placed before this date will be processed as usual but you will not be able to track the order status online. Please check here for a list of Perkins parts distributors in your area to place your order with Perkins.

Perkins genuine diesel engine parts

Perkins engines are designed and built to run reliably for years. 

The reason they have such a reputation for quality and durability is that each Perkins engine, and each of its components, has been through a full and rigorous development process. So each component will have been tested separately and as part of the engine for thousands of hours before it reaches you. Then, once that engine is in production, Perkins is able to capture feedback from the hundreds of thousands of engines in the field to prompt even more improvements.

Every Perkins part we sell is exactly the same as the parts we use to build our engines. They come from the same suppliers and are manufactured to the same specification. So when you use a genuine replacement part, you can be sure you are maintaining the original quality of your engine.

So when customers buy genuine Perkins parts, they can be confident that the component they are buying is the right one for the job, is reliable and durable, and has been designed and manufactured to the original specification.

If the part you buy is just a copy of one of our parts, you have no guarantee that it will be able to do the job of the original component.

Any one component that’s not to the original specification can have an adverse effect on the overall performance of the engine.

The reality is that an engine is only as good as its weakest component. When you choose a genuine Perkins part, you can be sure they are manufactured using the highest quality materials, will fit first time – saving costly downtime – will be to the latest specification, and will be supported by a Perkins 12 month warranty.

For example, there could be fewer filter media used in fuel filters, allowing more particulate through the fuel system which can accelerate wear on injectors and cause fuel leakage, increasing fuel consumption and leading to a drop in power.

The poor honing pattern of the cylinder could lead to inadequate oil lubrication, increased wear, high oil consumption or even engine seizing.

Poor piston design may lead to incomplete combustion and excessive carbon builds up on piston rings. Inaccurate machining of piston rings could lead to blow-by gas, increased oil consumption, cylinder bore wear or poor starting. 

Imprecise machining of water pumps can lead to weeping or leaks of seals, bearing not running smoothly increasing wear and reducing pump life.

By using non-genuine parts you risk having a negative impact on important considerations such as emissions standards, oil, and fuel consumption, power output and, ultimately, you risk engine damage or failure.

By choosing a genuine Perkins part you can be sure that every single part has been designed and specified for that particular engine, and each parameter carefully assessed to ensure it contributes to the many years of performance we expect our engines to deliver