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To get optimal and continued performance from your Perkins engine, regular maintenance of your fuel injection system is highly recommended.

Fuel injectors can’t be serviced or cleaned effectively, as cleaning may cause further damage to the nozzle

Indications of injector problems

The problems listed below may indicate that a new injector is needed:

  • Engine will not start or is difficult to start
  • Not enough power
  • Misfires or engine runs erratically
  • High fuel consumption
  • Black exhaust smoke
  • Engine knocks or excessive vibration

Perkins fuel system injectors are an essential element to enable engine emissions control. They are designed to be durable and are typically fit for the life of the engine.

With electronic engines a failure may be indicated by a diagnostic lamp. The failure type can be diagnosed using an Electronic Service Tool or, where a diagnostic lamp is used, the flash code of the lamp indicates which injector is faulty. More information can be found in your engine’s Operation and Maintenance Manual.

The fuel injectors should not be cleaned as cleaning can cause damage to the nozzle. The injector should only be changed if a fault with the injector is found. Where you suspect an injector is faulty, consult your local approved Perkins distributor for information and assistance.

Prevention is better than repair

Fuel injector wear is increased by contamination in fuel, lower quality fuels and water in the fuel system. The effect of dirt and water contamination can be limited by using genuine Perkins fuel filters at the correct service intervals. Together with daily and weekly water drain checks, to remove excess water from the diesel fuel.

Where an engine Electronic Control Module (ECM) indicates an injector failure, contact your local Perkins distributor for support and assistance.

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