Alternators turn rotational movement from the crankshaft and fan belt into electricity that can be used to power the engine and other electrical appliances on the machine. Without a working alternator your battery would be flat pretty soon. The tension of the fan belt is vital for efficient operation. Over tightening causes damage to the bearings of the alternator and coolant pump, too loose and the belts will slip and not provide the right power.

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Alternator | T400306

All Perkins alternators T400306 have been specifically designed to work with the speed and power of your engine, to ensure a long and durable life, and tested for thousands of hours on an engine to ensure durability and maximize operating life. As we use the latest technology components, you can be sure of performance and reliability and are the same parts supplied with your genuine engine. Perkins alternators are designed to fit on our engines, with mountings in the same place and orientation as on the genuine engine, making replacement an easier task. A non-genuine alternator may not have the power to keep up with all of your machines electrical requirements and may not have the mounting/fittings making replacement harder and weakening performance and lifetime. Rewound or repaired electrical parts may not have the durability of a new genuine part, and can cause early failures from poor quality internal brushes and bearings.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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