The radiator is the heart of the cooling system, acting as a heat exchanger to cool the diesel engine. It does this by taking the hot coolant from the cylinder block and circulating this around the radiator, and using stacked layers of metal sheet to create tubes to allow air flow to cool the fluid. The quality of coolant has a major impact, as the correct coolant and water can prevent lime scale and corrosion, which can cause significant impairment of radiator function.

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Radiator | 2486F102

Cooling package or radiator 2486F102 designed and tested specifically for the engine, to ensure effective heat rejection and long life. Tested over many thousands of hours to ensure perfect performance and efficient cooling, and sized to ensure the core is appropriate for both the engine and the application. Same radiator as fitted when the engine was built in the factory, ensuring that it fits the mounting points for ease of installation and inlet/outlet points. Tough, rugged radiator for use in off-road, industrial engines and power generation sets. When replacing the radiator check that hose clips are tighten correctly to ensure the coolant system has no leaks or potential for leaks, and the hoses are not brittle or cracked.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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