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Oil filter | 140517050

Spin on oil filter 140517050 for Perkins engines, designed to meet the needs of Perkins engines by providing superior protection against particles that can make their way into the lubrication system during service or from component wear. Increasing emissions levels has resulted in more precise engineering tolerances in galleries and channels leaving less room between engine components than before, so choosing a genuine Perkins filter is more important than ever to ensure effective lubrication and cooling. Designed to reduce resistance to oil flow while maximizing filter efficiency and provide protection to the recommended oil service interval in the Operation and Maintenance Manual. Typically fitted with anti-drain back valve and by-pass valve to ensure the engine oil is in the right place during starting and operation. Supplied complete with sealing ring.
$6.25 $6.25
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Fuel filter | 26561117

Perkins secondary cartridge fuel filter 26561117 protects the fuel system from particulates and water found in fuel, especially in off-road applications. Metal construction resists burst and pulse pressure. Easy to assemble installation. Water drain fits to the bottom of the filter and secures using base. Supplied with all the required seals.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

$9.60 $9.60

Exhaust elbow gasket | T415605

Exhaust to turbocharger exhaust supply gasket T415605, designed and manufactured for a long and reliable life.
$3.00 $3.00
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V belt - 39.8in | T80109107

Perkins v-belts, also known as vee belts or wedge belts T80109107, are designed to prevent alignment and slippage problems. With greater load, the belt will tend to wedge into the groove, providing better performance. Widely used due to the reliability and strength from fibre reinforcement. When replacing fan belts check the belt tension is correct, together with the battery and all the electrical connectors. Where engines have twin belts, check to ensure the belts are of a matched length.
$18.87 $18.87
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Glow plug | 185366190

Glow plug 185366190 provides in-cylinder heating to aid diesel engine starting in cold weather, reducing the cranking time to start the engine. Designed for use in heavy-duty diesel engines with short heat up time and long service life.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

$56.68 $56.68

Fuel filter | 4429491

Perkins spin-on secondary fuel filter/water separators protect the fuel system from particulates found in fuel, especially in off-road applications. Metal canister resists burst and pulse pressure. Spin-on style provides easy installation.
$9.03 $9.03
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Water pump gasket | U45996990

A reliable and robust water pump gasket U45996990 helps maintaining an effective seal, to ensure long water pump life using application specific materials for durable sealing performance without additional jointing compounds.
$4.10 $4.10
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Thermostat | 145206230

Thermostats 145206230 manage the temperature of the cooling system of the engine, blocking or opening to allow the coolant to circulate the engine. Helping to ensure the engine warms us quickly on start up and then ensuring the engine temperature stays stable. Thermostats start to open at the rated temperature and should be fully open 15 to 20 degrees F above this temperature.
$36.77 $36.77
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Pre-fuel filter | 130306360

Filters or strainers designed to be installed on the inlet side of the fuel pump to remove the debris that could damage the fuel pump, but not cause a reduction in pressure that could lead to cavitation and damage to the fuel pump. These filters have larger micron ratings than the main or secondary fuel filter.
$16.56 $16.56
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Pre-fuel filter | 130306132

Perkins primary inline cartridge fuel filter protects the fuel system from particulates found in fuel, especially in off-road applications. Sealed filter inside plastic container for easy installation.
$15.93 $15.93
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Lift pump | 130506351

Primary fuel pump to move the fuel from the tank into the engine fuel system. Designed to ensure the correct level of flow and pressure into the fuel system, correct flow rate and pressure are critical to prevent the issues of cavitation and vaporisation that can lead to implosion and damage to surfaces. Perkins fuel pumps are carefully selected during our engine design to provide the pressure and flow required for the whole fuel system and tested for many thousands of running hours to ensure smooth running and maximum performance and power. Uses high-performance seals to ensure long life, and deliver correct pressure whatever the conditions.
$61.05 $61.05
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Valve cover gasket | 111996401

Valve cover or rocker gaskets 111996401 should be changed whenever the tappets are adjusted at the appropriate service interval. Re-using seals and gaskets is not recommended. Perkins gaskets and seals are designed to fit the rocker cover and cylinder head precisely, using specialized materials that deliver an effective seal to prevent oil leaks according to the tightness of the rocker cover bolts.
$30.97 $30.97
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Water pump | U45011030

Water pump U45011030 is a simple centrifugal pump, often belt driven from the crankshaft to circulate coolant fluid whenever the engine is running, pushing the fluid from the pump into the engine. Common signs of wear include coolant leaks, the pulley is loose and making whining sounds, overheating of the engine, or worst case steam coming from the engine. Perkins water pumps are designed to meet the flow and pressures within the engine using high-quality ceramic cartridge seals and sealed bearings, and undergo extensive testing to ensure coolant flow and pressures match the engine requirements. Typically Perkins water pumps are supplied with gasket kits.
$183.68 $183.68
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Front oil seal | 198636160

Front end oil seal 198636160 for engine crankshaft, engineered to ensure a perfect seal, maximum contamination exclusion and deliver a long lifetime of seal efficiency and load endurance.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

$17.74 $17.74

Injector | 131406490

As one of the most complex parts of a diesel engine, the injector 131406490 or injector nozzle is required to withstand the pressures and temperatures inside the cylinder to produce an accurate dose of a fine fuel mist to ensure a thorough burn in the cylinder. With extremely small tolerances within injectors, 1 to 3 microns, and very high fuel pressures, issues can arise such as coking of external surfaces from an incomplete burn or fuel contamination causing wear. This clogging can affect the diesel fuel delivery, resulting in increased fuel consumption and a noticeable loss of power. As a key component, Perkins injectors are designed specifically for your engine with precision drilled nozzle holes, needle to body gap, and needle design for positive seating and exact fuel delivery to deliver the right fuel flow giving you best fuel consumption, power, and performance from your engine.
$184.36 $184.36
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Rear oil seal | 050209083

Rear end oil seal 050209083 for engine crankshaft, engineered to ensure a perfect seal, maximum contamination exclusion and deliver a long lifetime of load endurance and seal efficiency.
$104.26 $104.26
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