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400 Series lubrication components

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140036220 - Oil relief valve

Oil relief valve | 140036220

The oil pressure relief valve helps to ensure the right amount of oil is available at every phase of engine operation. When the engine is cold, more oil is allowed to flow to protect the bearings as oil is cold and thick. As the engine heats up, the oil becomes thinner, and the valve reduces the flow. Preventing too much oil flooding the engine parts and spraying onto the cylinder walls, resulting in excessive oil consumption and a reduction in overall engine power. Oil relief valves are selected to ensure your Perkins engine consumes the least oil and operates effectively.
$32.15 $32.15
2486A218 - Oil cooler

Oil cooler | 2486A218

The purpose of the engine oil cooler is to remove excess heat from the oil. These oil coolers are compact, fitted to the block to prevent excessive heat in the engine oil. As the oil temperature rises, the viscosity reduces, causing a reduction in lubrication capability that can increase engine wear and reduce engine life. Block side mounted to increase the size and cooling capability
$397.83 $397.83